January 1, 2018 — Discover Langley City

Discover Langley City

Discover Langley City was built in Drupal, which easily met the requirements of a full-width responsive website with fluid layout proportions. The site utilizes taxonomy, embedded video, accordions, photo galleries, sliders and social media integration. The site contains numerous lists and filters for specialized content types to facilitate numerous filtered Views for the user to narrow searches for Accommodations, Restaurants and Events. In addition, the site showcases manageable mega-menus.

Designed by: René Creative

Website Link: https://www.discoverlangleycity.com

September 29, 2017 — Downtown Langley Business Association Events Calendar

Discover Downtown Langley Contest

Downtown Langley Business Association required an update to the Events pages. Intellect Solutions Inc. was able to realize René Creative's design for customized pages for the events using bold, bright colours, an embedded webform, full-width elements which size effectively on mobile screens, and custom blocks with embedded video.

Designed by: René Creative

Website Link: Downtown Langley Business Association

February 10, 2017 — Downtown Langley Business Association - Arts Alive Festival

Arts Alive Festival

Downtown Langley Business Association needed a website for an annual festival. Intellect Solutions Inc. was able to re-use the theme from a custom designed WordPress website for DLBA (www.winyourwishlist.ca). The site uses a single theme template which was customized to the current design and uses widgets for content updates.

Designed by: René Creative

Website Link: Arts Alive Festival

October 26, 2016 — Downtown Langley Business Association - Win Your Wish List

Win Your Wish List

Downtown Langley Business Association needed a website which could be quickly updated, with specific attention given to being able to flip the theme for future re-use. The site uses a single theme template which was customized to the current design, uses widgets for content updates and has a sorting feature to highlight businesses which are participating in the annual contest.

Designed by: René Creative

Website Link: Win Your Wish List

November 5, 2015 — Horse Community Journals Inc.

Horse Community Journals Inc.

Horse Community Journals Inc. is an award winning publisher, proudly serving all sectors of Canada’s horse community: riders, drivers, coaches, trainers, breeders, farm and stable owners, and the various businesses that serve and support the horse industry.
Intellect Solutions Inc. was contacted to assist with various concerns with the initial website application. Intellect was also able to resolve many performance issues.
More recently, Intellect was contracted to provide a cosmetic overhaul, where various enhancements were made to improve performance, along with a responsive theme layer to encompass and support existing eCommerce functionality along with hundreds of pieces of published content.

Website Link: Horse Community Journals Inc.

August 12, 2015 — Marg Skogland, Wildlife Artist

Marg Skogland, Wildlife Artist

This local wildlife artist required a website to showcase her images and highlight a recent showing at the Surrey Art Gallery. Intellect Solutions Inc. provided recommendations and customized the theme to bring focus to the artwork while providing an easy to maintain website.

Website Link: Marg Skogland, Wildlife Artist

June 18, 2015 — RaceX125


Michael Valiante needed a website to showcase the X125 TaG engine, which is used to bring racing to a new level. Intellect Solutions Inc. utilized a WordPress theme to provide a clean website with a gallery, contact form, and pages which display the engine's features and which dealers have the engine available.

Website Link: RaceX125

January 13, 2015 — Downtown Langley Business Association

Downtown Langley Business Association

Intellect Solutions Inc. is pleased to support the Downtown Langley Business Association through a custom CMS website.

The Downtown Langley Business Association website is a full-featured responsive CMS featuring a randomized slider rotation based on a custom shape grid, custom content areas, a blog-type calendar and multiple customized Views.  The website also utlilizes taxonomy for displaying a custom search of over 600 businesses, which are sorted by multiple categories, displayed in a configurable real time map, as well as a custom gallery with sub-gallery support.

As with all of our work, the website is geared for ease of management, documented procedures for use, and assurance that each portion can be managed.

Designed by: René Creative

Website Link: Downtown Langley Business Association

April 2, 2014 — Analytic Systems

Analytic Systems

Analytic Systems Ware required website development to showcase their Canadian-manufactured lines of power conversion products.

Intellect Solutions Inc. utilized Drupal to create a robust content manageable system. The system uses many content types and Views to display information, as well as allows users to log in to access specialized resources. The website employs a blog, webforms, a rotor for slideshow images, Google Maps integration and features a dynamic product selector.

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: Analytic Systems

February 24, 2014 — CSA Transportation - Localization

CSA Transportation - Localization

Intellect Solutions Inc. utilized the Drupal multi-language functionality via the Internationalization module.

Numerous adjustments were made to the original theme to facilitate content translation for various custom functions, blocks and menus, providing the ability to manage translations on the website and default to English when translations are unavailable. 

Functionality includes built-in language switching and localization built to handle additional languages as needed.

Intellect further managed the bulk of the localization process, applying updated copy and making style adjustments as needed to ensure localized versions of site pages appear and function in a similar manner.

Website Link: CSA Transportation - Localization