• Unlimited domains and subdomains
  • Premium Tier 1 bandwidth ensures the best uptime in the industry
  • 100GB monthly transfer / 10GB disk space
  • Over 128MB dedicated RAM for advanced script functions in a single instance
  • Advanced DNS management
  • Easy website backup feature
  • Optimized for Drupal
  • Linux supported scripting languages
  • Website analytics
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


$179.40 + tax annually ($14.95 + tax/month)

Webmail options available:

Horde (http://www.horde.org/webmail/)

SquirrelMail (http://squirrelmail.org/)

RoundCube (http://roundcube.net/)

Mail Forwarders

Yes, both simple and advanced to handle every case

Mail Auto-responder


Mail Lists


Mail protocols available





Scripting Languages supported:

PHP 5.2 w/ full Pear Package Libraries and flexible memory allocation to handle more demanding web applications such as Magento eCommerce, CGI / Perl, SSI, Ruby on Rails (RoR) + Ruby Enterprise, Full collection of development tools for all languages, graphics libraries, cURL wrappers and more.

Web Server

Apache 2.2 w/ a full suite of supporting modules available to ease and optimize your website or web applications.

Databases available

Unlimited MySQL (v5.1), Unlimited PostgreSQL (v8.1)

Included Web Applications

Auto-installation of all popular web applications as supported by the latest Fantastico updates: http://www.netenberg.com/fantastico_scripts.php


Website Statistics

AWStats, All raw web server processing logs available


Easily configure CRON events/jobs


Use our thawte certified SSL key to transfer sensitive data and manage your account. Shell (SSH) available on request at no charge, SSL, protected directories

Anti Virus

ClamAV AntiVirus

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