PRT – Pacific Growing Services Ltd.

January 12, 2011

PRT represents a larger corporate site, with numerous features including:

  • eCommerce
  • Multiple and complex form entry
  • Glossary definitions for seedlings
  • Popup lightbox images, with enhanced design widgets
  • Custom themed stock ticker
  • Rotating front page image
  • Reusable block regions based on complex page rules
  • Enhanced aesthetic effects with backward compatbility to IE7
  • Customized navigation
  • Numerous content types

In addition, Intellect Solutions was able to couple the corporate site with the requirement for eCommerce like functions related to tree seedling sales.

Specific enhancements included:

  • Multi-level ‘smart’ filters
  • Product aggregation in a multi-tiered ‘view’ function
  • Custom javascript to enhance interface while drilling down through product types
  • Products derived via on-the-fly XML feed
  • Heavily customized order processing and templating over Ubercart
  • Full Drupal core and module upgrade path maintained

Design: Serengeti Design Group Inc.
Programming: Intellect Solutions Inc.

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