March 6, 2006 — TUTU Design

TUTU Design

Tutu Design, founded in 2005 by Rebecca Robbins and Kim Hausch, is dedicated to creating irresistible footwear and accessories for young girls. Our ballet-inspired products celebrate the joy and magic that dancing brings to our children and the child within us.

Project Requirements:

  • eCommerce website using PayPal
  • Maintanable to allow numerous product additions

Designed by: Lemongrass Creative Inc.

Website Link: TUTU Design

March 6, 2006 — Baratta Underground

Baratta Underground

Baratta Underground

Project Requirements:

  • Complex flash (SWF) splash page with semaless transition to HTML landing page.
  • Site content placement optimized and simplified with CSS

Designed by: Lemongrass Creative Inc.

February 8, 2006 — Pacific BioEnergy Corporation

Pacific BioEnergy Corporation

Pacific BioEnergy Corporation is a leading manufacturer and internationally recognized supplier of wood pellet biomass fuel to industrial purchasers worldwide. The company has access to one of the largest fibre supply sources in the world and has been exporting bulk quantities of high quality wood pellets to large scale customers since 1998.

Custom HTML programming per design and management from Serengeti:

  • Designed and Coded to be compatible with Contribute.
  • Makes use of transparency effect which is compatible with all browsers
  • Stylized copy and full use of CSS for very clean HTML markup

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: Pacific BioEnergy Corporation

January 5, 2006 — CHC Helicopter Corporation

CHC Helicopter Corporation

At any given moment, on any given day, a CHC helicopter is in the air somewhere in the world. Whether it's transporting the men and women who keep the world's offshore oil and gas flowing, or taking an injured patient to safety, CHC sets the standard – for safety, customer service, modern aircraft, and efficiency. Every year we fly more than 25 million kilometers, and every flight follows the most rigorous standards and procedures found anywhere. Our priority, on every single flight, is safety. Our priority, for every single customer, is efficiency.

Intellect Solutions Inc. custom programming considerations:

  • Existing site needed a complete overhaul, while retaining previously implemented custom management and automated stock ticker and newswire functionality
  • New site to be content manageable by Macromedia Contribute
  • Complex two multi-tier navigation system required for multiple organizational units, and sub categories
  • Over one hundred pages of user and admin facing pages of semi-static content

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: CHC Helicopter Corporation

December 28, 2005 — Geoffrey Deering Associates

Geoffrey Deering Associates

December 13, 2005 — Eskimo Calypso

Eskimo Calypso

Chimo! Eskimo Calypso chosen as a top 20 Finalist in the presetigious 11th Annual “Unisong” International Song contest created for songwriters… by songwriters.

Eskimo Calypso was written in Toronto Canada 1988. It was conceived after reading an article by James Lovelock about the greenhouse effect and climate change in the polar regions. A transformational concern for the planet came over me and remains with me to this day. It was at a time when scientists like James Lovelock were alone speaking out about the catastrophic effects of global warming and its impact on the polar ice caps. Today 20 years later I witness the effect that the melting north has on the Inuit people and the impending impact on our world. When this song was written, the Inuit people had no voice in mainstream media and we knew little about their struggle to maintain an ancient way of life. Although Canadians now refer to the northern people as Inuit, in the eighties we still referred to them as Eskimo thus the original title was Eskimo Calypso. Some consider use of the title Eskimo Calypso as an ignorant choice or even worse racist. I am aware of this and choose to continue singing Eskimo Calypso because of its light hearted irony and its potential for creating awareness of climate change in the north. Inuit listening to the song laugh and notice within the body of the song a phrase I am Inuit in Inuktituk language to honor them as the people. Perhaps this song may bring attention to the Inuit eroding way of life in a changing land. My hope is that in some small way, it helps give them a stronger voice in world affairs.

Life in the north is becoming uncertain and the weather Oogianaktook unfamiliar.

Designed by: Intellect Solutions Inc.

Website Link: Eskimo Calypso

November 7, 2005 — Westchester Development Group

Westchester Development Group

A Tradition of Excellence

Project Requirements:

  • Flash Intro page
  • Special custom javascript effects used for sales lot plan map

Designed by: Lemongrass Creative Inc.

Website Link: Westchester Development Group

October 27, 2005 — International Water Guard

International Water Guard

 International Waterguard is a local business who required a content manageable website

 Programming Considerations:

  • Macromedia Contribute to be used for static HTML page copy administration and news release updates
  • The IWG design features specialized text wrapping and image placement such as on the product page
  • Clean table-less HTML markup
Website Link: International Water Guard

June 24, 2005 — Serengeti


Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: Serengeti

January 21, 2005 — The Approved Group Inc.

The Approved Group Inc.

approvedgroupinc.com is a leading research, publishing and training provider of perspective-based business information.
Our mission is to create groundbreaking tools to help you achieve your business goals. We do this by identifying what decision-makers really want (and don't want.)

Project Considerations:

  • eCommerce website with PayPal IPN and Major shipping integration
  • Simple workflow to maximize web site viewer conversions
  • Details analytics collected and reported
  • Numerous milestones and deadlines based on major media plugs for the website

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.