June 1, 2007 — The Ucluelet Aquarium

The Ucluelet Aquarium

The mission of the Ucluelet Aquarium Society is to raise awareness about local marine biodiversity and promote respect for the ocean environment.

Project Considerations:

  • Site coded per Serengeti Design
  • Clean HTML Markup ready for Search Engine Optimization
  • Gallery with Lightbox effects to facilitate numerous photograhs

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: The Ucluelet Aquarium

February 22, 2007 — Italkart


Never Follow

Founded in 1990, Italkart has earned a reputation for creativity, enthusiasm, and a staunch commitment to manufacturing nothing less than the finest and fastest kart chassis on the market, utilizing only the finest materials and components.

Project Considerations:

  • Facilitate numerous product types and sub-categories
  • Complex sub-navigation levels
  • Numerous products and news release pages

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: Italkart

November 27, 2006 — Michael Valiante Motorsports

Michael Valiante Motorsports

In every new generation of racing drivers, there is always one who stands apart from the rest—a special one who can energize his team, get the fans on their feet and cheering, then reward them with a last-lap pass for the win.

Development Considerations:

  • JavaScript home page features rotating images and automatic redirection to the first content page
  • Macromedia Contribute used for copy edits
  • Numerous gallery images and news releases grouped by year
  • Clean table-free HTML markup relying on CSS

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: Michael Valiante Motorsports

June 30, 2006 — Delta-Q Technologies

Delta-Q Technologies

Delta-Q supplies vehicle manufacturers with power conversion and power management products for battery based electric drive systems. Our products, including battery chargers and integrated DC-DC converters, use innovative high frequency power electronics design to deliver efficient system solutions that allow vehicles to simply operate better at a lower overall systems cost.

Project Considerations:

  • Site involved many large background images, so specific test considerations were taken with regard to page loading times
  • Contribute at the time did not handle the white foreground text on top of the darker background image, so a specific Contribute stylesheet layer was included to facilitate content changes to the various business units
  • Multiple and manageable navigation boxes including a special features box on overview pages
Website Link: Delta-Q Technologies

June 14, 2006 — Kodiak Pacific Developments

Kodiak Pacific Developments

Kodiak Pacific Developments is an organization founded on and committed to customer service. At its core, the business model upon which we operate has a focus on the customer – the homebuyer. 

Project Requirements:

  • Custom template based on provided Illustrator files
  • Navigation and Background images optimized and tweaked for optimal page load times

Designed by: Lemongrass Creative Inc.

Website Link: Kodiak Pacific Developments

June 1, 2006 — Lemongrass Creative

Lemongrass Creative

Project Requirements:

  • Convert existing flash (SWF) website into HTML to ease maintenance
  • Complex navigation system to house numerous portfolio pieces

Designed by: Lemongrass Creative Inc.

Website Link: Lemongrass Creative

May 29, 2006 — ImagineF3


Blair Hebert’s song Imagine F3 (Fossil Fuel Free) is an acoustic guitar instrumental with a subtle voice-over. It is yours to consider for a green corporate image, ad campaign, or sound identity for your non-profit organization.

Designed by: Intellect Solutions Inc.

Website Link: ImagineF3

May 17, 2006 — Travelboecker


Travelboecker takes pride in planning journeys that take you on voyages of discovery, adventure, culture and pleasure. Travelboeckeroffers vacations for travellers with a sense of adventure who enjoy discovering people, places and animals that are different from those at home. At Travelboecker we know about these vacations! We believe in a gentle kind of tourism, at the same time offering value for money and peace of mind.

Programming Requirements:

  • Program and implement site to adjust colour themes and header for various areas of the website
  • Enhanced original site to be compatible with Contribute
Website Link: Travelboecker

April 22, 2006 — OMNI Pacific

Omni Pacific

Omni Pacific has evolved from being an award winning builder of fine single family homes and multi-family homes into an active land development company in the lower mainland of B.C.

Project consisted of working from Adobe Photoshop (PSD) mockups, and optimizing images for web while producing clean HTML/CSS code.

Optimized CSS Roll-over technique utlized for navigation to avoid any preloading delays.

Designed by: Lemongrass Creative Inc.

April 5, 2006 — Brian Lamb and Associates

Brian Lamb and Associates

Specializing in all aspects of residential sales, Brian's everyday situational selling leaves nothing to chance.

Project Requirements:

  • Large aspects of this site have been created in Flash (SWF), including the intro page which is designed and coded to seamlessly transition to a static HTML home landing page.
  • The footer of each page contains flash with dynamically loaded images associated with that content type
  • CSS positioning used to optimized placement of HTML copy.

Designed by: Lemongrass Creative Inc.