July 5, 2013 — CSA Transportation - Homepage Refresh

CSA Transportation - Homepage Refresh

CSA Transportation required a number of adjustments to realize new marketing recommendations, layout changes and new functionality.

Despite not being the original development firm, Intellect Solutions Inc. was able to accommodate all of the changes per PSD mock-ups, including a Content Manageable Slide Rotater, Contact hover boxes, and numerous other complex layout adjustments.

Website Link: CSA Transportation - Homepage Refresh

April 25, 2013 — PRT Promo Products: A Division of PRT Growing Services, Ltd.

PRT Promo Products: A Division of PRT Growing Services, Ltd.

PRT Promo required an update to their existing product website, which distributes seedlings and bamboo.  The site required some more advanced eCommerce integration to include mechanisms to handle distributor codes, directory level integration with the existing corporate site, bulk product pricing, specialized label printing per product, multiple shipping origins, real-time courier pricing and currency options. Intellect Solutions Inc., was able to re-use the majority of existing themed assets from the corporate site to better economize the Promo site, while maintaining a professional custom design.

Website Link: PRT Promo Products: A Division of PRT Growing Services, Ltd.

April 10, 2013 — Stormhold Whippets

Stormhold Whippets

This WordPress website provides an open content area with multiple columns, easily managed by the owner. The website is a custom design and features a photo gallery, as well as configurable page headers.

Designed by: Lemongrass Creative Inc.

Website Link: Stormhold Whippets

March 15, 2013 — Urban Body Laser - Shopify Store Setup & Configuration

Urban Body Laser - Shopify Store Setup & Configuration

Urban Body Laser was looking for a eCommerce website to coincide with the launch of their new company website. Initially this was to be a Magento hosted store, however, due to the amount of effort still required and numerous constraints on the hosted Magento platform (it did not support the desired payment gateway etc.), Intellect Solutions Inc, recommended Shopify.

Shopify is a Canadian owned and operated hosted eCommerce platform, which was able to supply an out of the box theme which required minimal customization to fit with the style Urban Body Laser was looking for. Shopify also supported the desired payment gateway, and Intellect was able to export many of the existing Magento products directly into the new Shopify store.

Website Link: Urban Body Laser Shopify Store

November 26, 2012 — NGRAIN Shopify Theming

NGRAIN Shopify Theming

NGRAIN required eCommerce integration for the existing NGRAIN website.  Leveraging from the existing website, Shopify was chosen for its ability to easily integrate with other 3rd party cloud applications, included security measures and in this case, facilitating product download and licensing by FetchApp, and CRM management by Salesforce.

Shopify also provides the ability to customize the presentation theme, so we were able to closely match the existing website design for a more seamless user experience between the product and shopping pages.  Payment integration with Moneris was easily set up and configured.

Website Link: NGRAIN - Shopify Integration

November 21, 2012 — Lynk Marketing Solutions Inc.

Lynk Marketing Solutions Inc.

The Challenge 
LYNK Marketing was in the process of building a new website with new branding, but with an upcoming television appearance on CBC's The Big Decision, really needed to fast track the process to have the new brand visible on their website in time for the increased traffic.

The Solution
Rather than rush the new website, the safest approach was to refresh the existing website with updated imagery, colours and style.

The Result
In addition to applying the cosmetic design changes on time, Intellect Solutions Inc. was also able to update and add contact forms to better facilitate HubSpot and Salesforce integration.

Website Link: Lynk Marketing Solutions Inc.

October 5, 2012 — National Whippet Club of Canada

National Whippet Club of Canada

This Wordpress website features a multi-column copy layout for a clean, user-friendly website. Other features of note include a members only password-protected section, left-aligned layout, and simple content management.

Designed by: Lemongrass Creative Inc.

Website Link: National Whippet Club of Canada

July 17, 2012 — Purpose Made Furniture - Geoffrey Deering Associates

Purpose Made Furniture - Geoffrey Deering Associates

Originally launched in 2005, Purpose Made Furniture was due for an update.

A very clean and fresh look keeps this informational site to a single page for basic usability and presentation.

Website viewers can easily navigate a admin-manageable gallery or submit inquiries from the contact form, all embedded directly on the front page.

Website Link: Purpose Made Furniture - Geoffrey Deering Associates

May 23, 2012 — Kids Up Front Online Ticket Donation System

Kids Up Front Online Ticket Donation System

The OTS (Online Ticket System) for Kids up Front is custom catered for the Vancouver chapter.  It integrates many functions into an online solution to handle a ticket donation workflow from the initial donation to final allocation and reporting requirements.

This website facilitates online donations via a simplified three-step donation form. Donated events can then be moderated by various administrative staff, and later, announced to applicable agencies via a calendar and mass email distribution.  Agencies can then request particular tickets that they can use, and these requests are managed on the administrative side, via an allocation workflow.

As this project was replacing an existing and active service, mass data migration was also required, which included moving numerous donated event details, and more importantly, a full migration of existing user accounts, including detailed profile information.

Additional functionality incorporates the ability to perform basic CRM functions, and a number of detailed and flexible reports can be generated.


About Kids up Front:

In 1999, when Kids Up Front founder, John Dalziel was surrounded by empty seats at a world-class event, he knew there had to be a way to get kids into those seats who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to attend. John took his idea to a group of business minded individuals, the Kids Up Front idea was launched in 2000, under the leadership of Barb Radu, Executive Director.

Kids Up Front created partnerships with child-serving charitable agencies, who in turn select the ticket recipients from within their programs. By implementing a program that wraps a process around tickets “in” and tickets “out,” including quality control measures, Kids Up Front is able to distribute tickets fairly and efficiently to thousands of kids. While Kids Up Front’s partner agencies provide food, shelter, clothing and counseling, Kids Up Front provides the nourishment of the spirit.

“These experiences are so far beyond what many of these kids ever dreamed, says Barb Radu, founder and executive director. “But are the very things that so many kids are missing — an opportunity to have fun, spend quality time with family, mentors or peers, and just enjoy being a kid, if only for a few hours.”

The founding directors never have looked at a “ticket” in the same way again! The tickets are the healing tools that can build trusting relationships, grow self esteem, enhance socialization and strengthen a family.

Kids Up Front is providing so many unique opportunities! Kids are attending sporting events, theatre productions, concerts, theme parks and world-class events! And, they’re having first-ever vacations out of town, horseback riding, experiencing VIP treatment with celebrity sports figures whether skating or experiencing a mini Olympic event. Kids Up Front kids are participating in hands-on museum exhibits, drama and singing camps. The best news? The list of opportunities continues to grow! See Programs for a list of our entertainment partners.

Website Link: Kids Up Front Online Ticket Donation System

March 29, 2012 — Bionera - PRT Energy Crop Solutions

Bionera - PRT Energy Crop Solutions

Bionera uses Drupal to facilitate simple Content Management in a clean and elegant design. The site is expandable, and makes use of thoughful style declarations ensuring full compatibility of all modern browsers, with backward compatibility to IE7.

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: Bionera - PRT Energy Crop Solutions