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Since 1992, Serengeti has been creating highly effective and memorable corporate communications solutions. Serengeti has designed over 50 corporate identities, over 60 annual reports, and countless other print and Internet-based communications materials. Serengeti has the expertise to work on all kinds of graphic design projects; and we always focus on branding, positioning and results.

January 5, 2006 — CHC Helicopter Corporation

CHC Helicopter Corporation

At any given moment, on any given day, a CHC helicopter is in the air somewhere in the world. Whether it's transporting the men and women who keep the world's offshore oil and gas flowing, or taking an injured patient to safety, CHC sets the standard – for safety, customer service, modern aircraft, and efficiency. Every year we fly more than 25 million kilometers, and every flight follows the most rigorous standards and procedures found anywhere. Our priority, on every single flight, is safety. Our priority, for every single customer, is efficiency.

Intellect Solutions Inc. custom programming considerations:

  • Existing site needed a complete overhaul, while retaining previously implemented custom management and automated stock ticker and newswire functionality
  • New site to be content manageable by Macromedia Contribute
  • Complex two multi-tier navigation system required for multiple organizational units, and sub categories
  • Over one hundred pages of user and admin facing pages of semi-static content

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: CHC Helicopter Corporation

January 21, 2005 — The Approved Group Inc.

The Approved Group Inc. is a leading research, publishing and training provider of perspective-based business information.
Our mission is to create groundbreaking tools to help you achieve your business goals. We do this by identifying what decision-makers really want (and don't want.)

Project Considerations:

  • eCommerce website with PayPal IPN and Major shipping integration
  • Simple workflow to maximize web site viewer conversions
  • Details analytics collected and reported
  • Numerous milestones and deadlines based on major media plugs for the website

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

June 24, 2005 — Serengeti


Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: Serengeti

February 8, 2006 — Pacific BioEnergy Corporation

Pacific BioEnergy Corporation

Pacific BioEnergy Corporation is a leading manufacturer and internationally recognized supplier of wood pellet biomass fuel to industrial purchasers worldwide. The company has access to one of the largest fibre supply sources in the world and has been exporting bulk quantities of high quality wood pellets to large scale customers since 1998.

Custom HTML programming per design and management from Serengeti:

  • Designed and Coded to be compatible with Contribute.
  • Makes use of transparency effect which is compatible with all browsers
  • Stylized copy and full use of CSS for very clean HTML markup

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: Pacific BioEnergy Corporation

June 1, 2007 — The Ucluelet Aquarium

The Ucluelet Aquarium

The mission of the Ucluelet Aquarium Society is to raise awareness about local marine biodiversity and promote respect for the ocean environment.

Project Considerations:

  • Site coded per Serengeti Design
  • Clean HTML Markup ready for Search Engine Optimization
  • Gallery with Lightbox effects to facilitate numerous photograhs

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: The Ucluelet Aquarium

November 27, 2006 — Michael Valiante Motorsports

Michael Valiante Motorsports

In every new generation of racing drivers, there is always one who stands apart from the rest—a special one who can energize his team, get the fans on their feet and cheering, then reward them with a last-lap pass for the win.

Development Considerations:

  • JavaScript home page features rotating images and automatic redirection to the first content page
  • Macromedia Contribute used for copy edits
  • Numerous gallery images and news releases grouped by year
  • Clean table-free HTML markup relying on CSS

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: Michael Valiante Motorsports

February 22, 2007 — Italkart


Never Follow

Founded in 1990, Italkart has earned a reputation for creativity, enthusiasm, and a staunch commitment to manufacturing nothing less than the finest and fastest kart chassis on the market, utilizing only the finest materials and components.

Project Considerations:

  • Facilitate numerous product types and sub-categories
  • Complex sub-navigation levels
  • Numerous products and news release pages

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: Italkart

April 28, 2010 — Sumas International Motorsports Academy

Sumas International Motorsports Academy

SIMA has been a vision of Claudio Valiante's for some time. With the growth of Italian Motors USA and a long successful background in the karting industry, Claudio felt that at this point in his life, he wanted to give something back to the karting community. The best way he knew was to build a world-class racetrack and create a multi-purpose facility for motorsport enthusiasts to enjoy.

Project Considerations:

  • Many large images used, so page loading optimizations were accounted for
  • Page height optimized for laptop displays
  • Content Management System (Drupal) used to facilitate and ease future copy updates
  • Custom Theme created within the Drupal Framework to maintain compatibility with all Drupal updates and revisions
  • Utilizes Google Calendar embedded within Calendar page
  • Complex sub-navigation functions
  • jQuery Lightbox powered image and gallery pop-ups

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: Sumas International Motorsports Academy

July 19, 2010 — Italian Motors USA - Shopify

Italian Motors USA

 Italian Motors USA is one of the largest karting supply shops and one of the most successful race teams in North America. Its repeated successes at the track have drawn drivers from across the continent to seek out IM’s coaching and mechanical services. Now located in a 20,000 square foot facility and having a full karting facility at their disposal, Italian Motors USA enters 2010 by solidifying identity's with new products, full time karting facility, training programs and supporting growth throughout the karting industry.

Project Considerations:

  • Shopify service used requiring customized website templates to be programmed per Serengeti design
  • Extensive customizations and JavaScript menus implemented while maintaining much of the build in Administrative capabilities of Shopify
  • USA and Canadian storefronts created
  • Complex navigation system with jQuery effects used to handle top menu transparency and side menu accordion

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: Italian Motors USA

July 11, 2011 — SIMA Racing

SIMA Racing

SIMA is a world class, multi-purpose kart racing facility. Intellect Solutions Inc. was hired to program the site several years ago, and recently was contracted again to add a number of key features related to the seasonal business requirements of the facility. These changes included a secondary set of Racing Schedule and results pages to allow for both Summer and Winter seasons.  In addition, the mechanism was designed to allow more streamlined switching and to default to the appropriate season when applicable.

Designed by: Serengeti Design Group Inc.

Website Link: SIMA Racing