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Using Shopify for Online Business

Why use Shopify for selling your products online?

We have assisted in the process of customers transitioning to Shopify stores. Some customers had brick and mortar shops, while others were using websites with integrated eCommerce. These customers were looking for a way to customize their stores while decreasing the amount of time required to continually make complicated updates required by payment processors.

How does Shopify work?

Five Reasons to Choose Google Apps for Business

1) Email - 30GB of storage per user, spam filtering. Never lose an email again and access from any mobile device.

2) Collaborative Tools and Apps - Calendar, Drive, Sites, Marketplace Apps such as Insightly Project/Task Management, Groups, Hangouts (instant messaging).

3) Store in and work in the cloud - simplify team efforts on documents and more.

4) Reliability - 99.9% uptime.

5) Quick to set up - minimal to no interruption in service.

Storing Data in the Cloud - Part I - Performance and Bandwidth

Guest post written by Dave W, Network Security Analyst.


In my last post I wrote about the security concerns when putting your data into the cloud.  In this post I am going to expand on that and get into some of the other aspects of cloud data that you need to think about. This will by no means be an exhaustive list but it should give you a few ideas.

What to Consider When Moving to the Cloud

Guest post written by Dave W, Network Security Analyst.


Whether we like it or not, nearly every online service we consume uses or is moving to “The Cloud”.  This is particularly true of mobile devices.  This can be quite convenient and you might not be aware that you are even using it.  But for businesses and people who are concerned about their data it can be difficult to sort the hype from the reality for these cloud services.